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Terms and conditions


By using this website, you confirm that you accept the terms of Sports Away AB. If you do not agree to any of our terms and conditions, you may not use this website.

We reserve the right to change our terms at any time in our sole discretion. Sports Away AB's responsibility is limited to event tickets, accommodation and travel elements that are included in the booking that has been made with us.

Not all services that we can do by ourselves, they will be contracted for the service to be between you and the third party who may have their own terms.

"Services" explained: Sports Away event tickets, all types of accommodation or other matters relating to self-catering, bed & breakfast, hotel or hospitality packages, travel, arena tours and other services specified in these terms.

If the event is moved: If the customer has booked and hotel stays with Sports Away AB in addition to the event ticket and in the meantime the event is moved for another date, we also move the date of the hotel stay to coincide with the date of the event. Please note that adjustment of hotel dates does not happen automatically, therefore the customer must confirm the new dates to Sports Away AB. Any price difference in hotels due to new dates is the customer's responsibility.

Our recommendation when costumers are booking a football trip to England, Germany, Spain, France and Italy is to book Friday-Monday for weekend matches as the game day can be changed until the last day of a same week. Some matches may also be moved to Friday and Monday, therefore we help to book extra nights if the event is moved to another date. Midweek matches are scheduled for Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. In those cases we are recommending to book from Tuesday to Friday.


a) All bookings are made with Sports Away directly via websites or by telephone.

(b) Once a booking has been made, a Sports Away account will be created for you automatically. In your Sports Away account, you can view all your bookings and their contents in the form of tickets and / or packages.

(c) Your contract will take effect once you have received your booking confirmation by email.

(d) When a booking is made by telephone, there should be no agreement until you have received a confirmation email.

(e) There is no requirement for a signed hard copy of this Agreement. By making a booking online or by phone, you accept these terms.

(f) We reserve the right to terminate agreements entered into regarding the conduct / behavior of the customer or any member of their party either before or during a trip. In the event that we terminate any contract due to the conduct or behaviour of customers or any member of their party, no refund will be paid.

In the event that we terminate any agreement due to the conduct or behaviour of customers or any member of their party, no refund will be paid.

(g) Sports Away AB has the right to cancel all bookings where price errors have occurred.


(a) No person under the age of 18 may make a booking with us. It is your responsibility to confirm that all your personal information and those traveling with you at the time of booking are correct upon receipt of your confirmation by email. If you believe that documents we have are incorrect, you can immediately notify us by email with any problems or corrections.

(b) All bookings must be made by passport name to avoid confusion. The responsibility for holding a valid passport and / or visa if necessary is each person traveling with Sports Away.

(c) You as the traveller are responsible for arrival on time in the event of any organized transport from Sports Away.

3. Match / event tickets

All tickets that Sports Away offers are official tickets that come either directly from cooperation with Sports Away and the club or through our ticket providers and the club.

All event tickets are personal and apply to the person who is registered during the booking.

The booking is binding once its paid. Event tickets are NON-refundable or rebookable.

Sports Away guarantees with an even number of travellers (ex 4 travellers) that no one is sitting alone, for example 2 + 2, within the guaranteed sections that are confirmed at the time of booking. In the event of an odd number of travellers (ex 5 travellers), the division can be 2 + 2 + 1. Sports Away can in most cases confirm the section, line and place before the booking is made, contact us if desired.

During the football match at a few individual arenas, the seller has the right to place reservations with an even number of travellers in rows above each other. Sports Away has the right at any time to upgrade the traveller’s match / event ticket to a better section without being liable to the traveller.

All dates and start times are subject to change due to TV commitments and it is the customer's responsibility to check for any changes. Sports Away is not responsible for events that are moved or cancelled for any reason. In this case, the ticket is valid until the new rescheduled date of the event and Sports Away AB is liable for reimbursement for any travel costs. If you are attending more than one event during your trip,it is the costumer’s responsibility to re-check that those events are not taking place at same time or day.

If the event is cancelled (e.g. natural disaster, war, pandemic or illness in the team/club/team, etc.) or changed to a new date or time, moved to another arena/track/venue or cancelled, the event tickets are automatically moved to the new replacement date for the event. No refund is possible!

If a motorsport competition is not started due to bad weather or other external influences and competitions are decided behind the safety car, the competition has been carried out and decided according to the applicable competition rules. No money is refunded by the organizer or partners.

When we at Sports Away AB bought your event tickets, we approved our partners' (organizers, courses, arenas, clubs, etc.) conditions for ticket purchases to 100%. This means that we have to follow the rules that partners have for the specific event.

The partner has the full right according to the agreed agreement (Sports Away AB's approved partner's conditions when purchasing your event tickets) to refuse a refund in order to instead offer a voucher for future events. If a voucher for future events is offered by a partner for the current booking, it is said that Sports Away AB also offers the customer. We do not refund any money to the customer if we do not ourselves receive a refund from a partner.

Incorrect match / event tickets in relation to what is confirmed at the time of booking must be pointed out immediately before the start of the match / event with a call to Sports Away.

Delivery of match / event ticket takes place no later than 11.00 on the match / event day to the traveller’s hotel unless otherwise stated (in some cases the match / event ticket is sent home to the customer and in some cases the match / event ticket is picked up at the ticket office). If delivery has not taken place no later than 11.00, the traveller must contact Sports Away's emergency number which can be found in the travel documents. If match / event tickets have not been delivered to the traveller no later than 16.00 on the match / event day, Sports Away shall reimburse the traveller with a fixed amount of SEK 300 per booked match / event ticket.

If delivery fails before the start of the match / event (kick off, scheduled time for performance, starting point for race or drop-off), Sports Away shall reimburse the customer with the entire package travel price.

All tickets offered by Sports Away are on home sections, unless otherwise stated. This means that it is strictly forbidden to wear the away team's shirts, banners or in any way support the away team. Supporting the away team in any way can result in the customer being expelled from the arena. Sports Away cannot be held liable for any part of the package trip by the traveller if this has been rejected from the match / event by the organizer.

Face Value (the price that may be printed on the event ticket) is not the price Sports Away buys match / event tickets for from clubs and agencies. Some tickets are bought secondarily from other agencies, which can mean that the name of the primary customer can be on the ticket. This will not affect you as a customer. In the event of any problems, you should contact Sports Away directly to solve the problem quickly and safely. You should not contact the club yourself but Sports Away who are responsible for your trip.


If you check in at the hotel after 21:00 you must inform us of your preliminary arrival time at the hotel before departure. This is to avoid problems at check-in and the room(s) being cancelled.

We only offer carefully selected accommodations according to various criteria provided for accommodations. It can be the number of stars or the number of ratings on different review pages (ex TripAdvisor). The standards for accommodation offered range from 3 to 5 stars. The following division is for guidance only

3 * Hotel / guesthouse / self-catering - Moderate / medium standard

4 * Hotel / guesthouse / self-catering - high standard

5 * Hotel / guesthouse / self-catering - Deluxe / luxury standard

These guidelines are intended according to housing standards in the United Kingdom. Other housing standards may apply in other European countries.

Some accommodations may require payment in the form of a cash deposit upon arrival for any breakages / damage / incident. This must be refunded on departure, provided that there has been no damage / crime / unacceptable behaviour or any other incidents. This is between the accommodation and you as a customer directly.

If the accommodation in which the customer or any member of their party lives is damaged, the cost is reimbursed by the customer. This applies to all claims made against Sports Away AB because of instances of similar incidents (including legal costs).

In a case where a customer is late or absent to his chosen accommodation without prior notice to the accommodation, this will lead to the room being released for public sale. Late arrivals must be arranged directly between you and the accommodation. We have no responsibility for finding alternative accommodation where you do not contact the accommodation to inform them of a late arrival. The age of the child is usually classified as: infants 0-2 years and children 2-15 years. Exceptions may exist depending on the type of accommodation this applies to.

Tourist tax, city tax, resort fee, urban fee or similar fees are paid by customers on their own directly to the hotel upon check-in or check-out. Tourist tax, city tax, resort fee or similar fees are not included in the price of our packages (hotel and ticket) or hotel bookings only.

Information about the rooms:

- All rooms are standard rooms unless otherwise stated.

- The size of the rooms may vary from hotel to hotel. Rooms may be smaller in size.

- The rooms can be "internal rooms", which means that the room has no windows.

- Double room/twin room can be either double room or twin room.

- The size of the beds can be smaller.

- The beds in a triple room may vary from hotel to hotel. It can either be 3 single beds or double beds with an extra bed/sofa bed/bunk bed above the double beds or 2 king-size beds or 2 double beds.

- The hotel may require a deposit upon check-in

- All extras such as (early check-in, minibar, room service, local taxes and damage to the room) are paid by the customer directly to the hotel.


We offer different payment methods. Bank payment, swish and all major credit / debit cards via the payment method Stripe. Companies can either pay directly on the website or choose a 30-day invoice after the credit check has been completed.

  • - 30% of the total amount must be paid at the time of booking.
  • - The remaining amount must be paid no later than 14 days before the departure of the trip.


We recommend that every person who intends to travel has a valid travel insurance before they begin their journey.


If the situation arises that an event can be changed or postponed, the purchased package / ticket must be transferred to the new date. In the event of a change or cancellation occurring within seven days of the original event date, no hotel will be refunded as part of a package at this stage and only ticket (s) are valid for the new date in that case.

Please note that an event may also be postponed due to public health risks or unavoidable circumstances by relevant sports and regulatory authorities. If the situation arises that an event is to be played without spectators, Sports Away will refund all money as credits to your Sports Away account (except for a hotel used or if a hotel does not give us a refund) for future bookings. Sports Away AB is not obliged to credit your customer account if a booking is canceled by the customer.

It is important that you notify any address changes, telephone number changes or email addresses as soon as possible. This is so that we can contact you regarding TV times, ticket delivery and other important things for the trip.

If our business partners make exceptions to their rules for cancellation or rebooking and possibly offer a refund, we have to wait for information about the rules for a possible refund. Such a notification can take between 10-60 days from partners depending on the size of the event or prevailing circumstances. The size of the refund varies and depends entirely on which rules the partner applies for the specific event (Sports Away AB's approved partner's conditions when purchasing your event tickets). We can never guarantee that you will receive a 100% refund for the event tickets, but it can be anything from "face value" (the printed value of the tickets), 50% of the cost of the event ticket up to full compensation minus an administration fee of SEK 500 per event ticket. Reimbursement to the customer takes place only after the partner has possibly reimbursed Sports Away AB. If a refund is possible, the refund will normally be done within 60-90 days to the customer.


The booking is binding when the customer has paid.

Match / event tickets are under no circumstances refundable.
In some cases, match / event tickets are not personal and can then be transferred to third parties. Contact Sports Away AB for further information if the need arises.

If cancelled up to 15 days, 50% of the hotel will be refunded. If cancelled 14 days and up to 48 hours before departure, 25% of the hotel cost will be refunded. If cancelled closer than 48 hours, 100% of the hotel will be charged.

Cancellations of orders made during a known pandemic announced by the WHO or epidemic will be refunded with 0% of the total amount of the booking.

 Orders placed before a known pandemic announced by the WHO or epidemic and whose events are affected by a new event date, cancelled events or that events are held with a limited number of visitors or even with closed stands are compensated with a value check to 50% of the booking value and with 24 months validity.


In circumstances beyond our control such as force majeure, global pandemics, global epidemics, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions or other intrusive events, which significantly affect the implementation of the trip or the conditions at the destination at the time of the trip, the customer and Game Travel have the right to withdraw from the agreement.

Force Majeure means unusual and unpredictable circumstances beyond the control of the organizer, retailer or other service providers, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all caution had been exercised or an event that the organizer, retailer or service provider could not with all care foresee. Any adjustment of costs takes place from a reasonable perspective based on each individual situation. Any refunds will be made as credits to future bookings on the Game Travel account.

Assessment of whether an incident is considered force majeure must be made taking into account official statements from Swedish and international authorities. A dissuasion by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs from travel to the destination in question shall be regarded as such an event.


We reserve the right to change the price of all packages at any time and correct price errors.


You must inform Sports Away AB in writing or by telephone no later than 7 days before departure if any name change occurs.


(a) During your trip - If you need to make a complaint, please let us know immediately and we will try to fix the problem. You must contact the emergency number on your booking confirmation, which you will also find in your Sports Away account. If you have a problem with your hotel, contact the emergency number on your hotel voucher. A copy of your hotel voucher is in your Sports Away account.

(b) After the trip - Complaints after your trip must be made in writing. This must be received in writing by email within 20 days of the end of the trip. Your complaint is important to us and will be investigated by the relevant department. We strive to resolve all complaints.


All promotional offers / discounts and contests are subject to availability and may be revoked or changed at any time without prior notice. Competition winners must agree that their information may be published on our website and on our social media. All decisions are final. All decisions are final.


Use of any person using this website may be terminated at any time for any reason, including misuse or failure to comply with the stated terms.


We are only responsible for event tickets and accommodation, and we are not in any way responsible for any additional costs, distress, loss, damage, injury, inconvenience and delays, accidents due to or attributable to negligence from any company or person in connection with the implementation of such reservations or arrangements. Each booking is accepted subject to the conditions set by the hotels, B & Bs, guest houses or event organizers.

Any disputes on such matters shall be settled directly with interested parties.

16. Sports Away- ACCOUNT

Every person who makes a booking with Sports Away has a Sports Away club account which is created automatically upon booking. This account contains ticket information and your e-ticket if applicable along with hotel and travel information as part of your package.

As a member of the Sports Away Club, you will receive updates on; news, special offers, surveys and competitions. To unsubscribe from "unnecessary" communications, change your settings under your profile in your Sports Away account.

Covid-19 insurance

All Sports Away bookings are subject to a full money-back guarantee on bookings for an event that is cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19.

If the booked event is cancelled, played without spectators, or postponed and played at a later time due to Covid-19, we will cancel the booking and a refund will be applied. If the order was made with a coupon, you will get the money back as credit in your account. Customers can also keep the booking for the new date.

All refunds are processed within ten working days after the cancelled / postponed event's originally scheduled date.

Valid for all bookings made with Sports Away from 1 September 2023.